2 seconds to get seen and make a sale!

Are you proud of your product? With over 20 years’ experience in the packaging industry, we will be proud participants in your commercial success by creating distinctive product packaging which stands out, whilst working within your budget.

Although the primary aim of packaging may be to protect a product, the major challenge is to accurately convey its brand identity and its contents, to make it stand out from the competition, to be appropriate to the target market and, ultimately, to persuade people to buy!

We can also help you think through each stage of your packaging life-cycle: e.g. packing, transport, point of sale, opening, disposal. This can help you to not only become more environmentally friendly but also make remarkable cost savings. 



• Creating packaging and display materials: models and graphic design.

• Food and cosmetics industries: luxury, chains, delicatessens & local producers.

• Mockups, prototypes (unique or sequenced).

• The creation of 3D simulation “photos” for your sales teams or for pre-production testing.

• Adapting your packaging for your target EXPORT markets (see our specialist “export and designwebsite

A few examples of our packaging and display design