Corporate identity

Your brand image must be unique and sustainable.

A visually balanced, distinctive and intelligent logo is the cornerstone of sustainable commercial success.

Incorporating elements such as colour, font and proportions, the style of your logo immediately conveys your brand identity, defining you in relation to your competitors, your world and your target market. 

Whether for an SME or a global brand, we create your own unique, original and creative visual identity whilst remaining true to your own “DNA” and your particular aims and objectives. This is how, without making a complete break with the past, we can also update your existing identity in accordance with your development, your home market or your export market for example (see our specialist “export and design” site

Fully cognizant of the power which a consolidated visual identity brings, we can support you with your global visual identity management to ensure that your image remains consistent across various formats (business cards, promotional materials, product information sheets, web design, etc.).

A few examples of our logo design